Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sublimation ?

Sublimation in its simplest form is a process where ink that is printed on paper using a high speed inkjet printer is then transferred into fabric using heat and pressure.

In short, Digital Sublimation is the process where dye ink is heated at over 400° into a gas then transferred onto fabric creating a bond, then the dye cools and becomes solid once again. This allows for a smooth transition from what you see on your screen to what is seen on fabric. There is almost no limit to the amount of colors with this process and this allows for the natural wicking materials to remain breathable and also maintain its strength and durability. Since dye sublimation inks become part of the fabric, the images will not fade, crack, or peel. Unlike heat transfers or silk screen, the dye sublimation process allows Performance fabric to maintain its breath-ability. Since every square inch of your garment can be sublimated, with you individual colors, logos, number and names it is safe to say that our sublimated garments are the only "true" full custom garments available.

How should I wash my jersey?